Of course when we think about the film industry there really are so many people out there who are trying to get into this industry and make a name for themselves in Hollywood or something like that in the independent film circuit, but the truth of the matter is that it is super hard to make it in the film industry just in general and only the best of the best every really get to make anything of themselves and it really does take a lot of hard work just in general. But having said that it still doesn’t mean that it isn’t impossible to make it into one of these industries because people are doing it all of the time but of course they are working super hard and are knowing the right people and getting in at the right time and things like that, but what we are doing throughout this entire list of articles on this blog is just talking a bunch about the movies that every aspiring Hollywood director should watch just so that they can learn about how other directors have made it in this industry so that they too can learn from some of these guys and do something that is super epic and start to become famous in some way or another, and that is just kind of what the trends of the industry are going towards, and now that we have digital cameras and it is now easier than ever to make a movie it is now even harder to get yourself known in any way to become a successful director, so it just makes sense that you should know about all of the movies for aspiring directors, and so let’s continue talking more about the movies for aspiring directors.


So the first of the movies for aspiring directors that we are going to be talking about is just the movie Memento that was made in the year 2000 by then up and coming director Christopher Nolan, and that is definitely something that I think a lot of people should figure out for the most part because they are definitely something that is super epic and that is just something that we should definitely consider because this movie was made from a $9 million budget and that was raised by Nolan himself from pretty much just knowing a bunch of rich people in general, and that is something that is super special for him of course, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t know about this movie because he took some unknown actors that he knew were going to be great and made them great and that is something that he is well known for in general and why this movie is considered one of the movies for aspiring directors.

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